Recycling4all: circular economy and workforce integration

Repsol Foundation takes part in this initiative along with Ilunion. Recycling4all focuses its activity on the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), fostering the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market.

Industrial recycling

Recycling4all manages waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) on a large scale. From its processing, materials such as iron, copper, aluminum, plastics, glass, and rare earths are extracted. They are then reused as raw materials in new devices. Work is also being done to expand the activity to recycling photovoltaic solar panels.

Recycling4all is present throughout the business value chain: collection, transportation, classification, storage, processing, reuse, and recovery of waste, with two processing plants located in Campo Real (Madrid) and La Bañeza (León).

Furthermore, in 2023, the company unveiled an innovative processing line at the Campo Real plant in Madrid for the recycling of refrigerators, cooling chambers, temperature exchange equipment, and thermoses, efficiently and sustainably separating the different materials, including the recovery of gases and oils during the process.

Numbers that speak for Recycling4all

+ 170

Employees, more than the 60% of them have a disability


Centers in Spain

+ 65,000

Tons of waste processed in 2023

+ 90%

Of recovered materials are reused in the production cycle